Carolyn Hubbard

One of the gifts of a Life Story Book from Memory Lane Jane is the joy of reading loved ones’ stories through their own lens—a compilation of questions never asked, tales never told, and values never documented. This Mother’s Day, we honor the stories and experiences of extraordinary, kind, resilient women that we’ve been privileged to document through the years. For this series, we asked several friends to talk about their mothers/grandmothers and how a Life Story Book from Memory Lane Jane has deepened their relationships.

Honoring Carolyn Hubbard
As told by daughter Deb Ryan

What is something you love about your mom?
If I had to pick just one thing, I’d say it would be her love for Jesus and her passionate commitment to be His ambassador to her family and everyone around her.

How has reading your mom’s story impacted you?
It has enabled me to see my mom beyond my mom, if that makes sense. Getting to read her stories, many of which I did not know, has been very special and relatable.

Was there a story that was particularly meaningful or surprising?
I especially found meaning in a culmination of stories that had the same theme: There was about to be a change, and there was uncertainty in Mom and Dad’s plans. They made these decisions with a firm trust in God and the ability to take a step forward into the change while being fully committed to God and each other. As a kid, I saw this growing up moving all over the world with Dad in the United States Air Force, but to see how this theme has been a core aspect of both their lives, consistently, is a wonderful testimony.

Would you encourage others to preserve their stories?
Yes. I think [this process] goes beyond preservation. It pulls out stories that might not have been told. It helps shape a legacy of values to bring to future generations. I was amazed at what both Mom and Dad had held onto that was captured in their Life Story Book—things I had never seen, like notes, letters, programs, and even some of the older photos that hadn’t been shared. With all of the moves we went through and the constant pairing-down because of those moves, it was neat to see those things.

If you’d like to preserve your mom’s stories in an heirloom Life Story Book from Memory Lane Jane, we’d love to speak with you.

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