We live in a world of unlimited stories to be told—stories that inform, delight, teach, and beyond. We can’t quite capture all of these, mind you, but we’re growing to try!

As Memory Lane Jane continues to expand our shelf of life story books from coast to coast, we are excited to announce a brand-new position on the team with a not-so-new employee. Abbi Wilt, formerly one of our Life Story Writers, has accepted the role of Director of Communications & Projects, where she’ll oversee project management, business development, marketing, and editorial work to improve our Memory Lane Jane processes and give clients an even better experience preserving their life story.

Abbi is a storyteller through-and-through. She began writing stories as a kid (once complaining that a story “wouldn’t write itself!”) and went on to pursue a degree in Communications at Austin Peay State University. Her first job out of college was what she’d always dreamed it would be: working in editorial at Southern Living magazine. In 2018, she decided to take three months abroad, spanning twelve countries, to explore the stories of other cultures and customs. Upon returning stateside, she took on a writing and content production role at the YMCA of Middle Tennessee, eventually leading video production and content marketing strategy as the Y’s Senior Content Producer.

In July 2020, Abbi had the unique privilege of interviewing and writing her own grandmother’s story—a legacy book through Memory Lane Jane that gave her a first-hand glimpse at the power of storytelling to nurture and heal relationships.

Now, four years later, Abbi has collaborated with Memory Lane Jane on over fifteen life story manuscripts. For her, the best part of preserving life stories is the honor of walking alongside men and women in the most humanizing ways as they recount joys, successes, pain, healing, hopes, and dreams—a gift of a lifetime—to future generations.

Abbi moved to Oregon in January 2023 with her husband, Zach, and is always in search of both her next story and people with whom she can celebrate the importance of continuing the conversation.

To work with Abbi and our team at Memory Lane Jane, send her an email at abbi@memorylanejane.com.

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