A few weeks ago, I drove to Indianapolis to meet with this incredible woman. We sat around the table in her home and she showed me 88 handwritten pages (some in notebooks, some stapled, some loose) that her grandfather had written for her about his life. What a treasure!

“My Grandpa led such a full life! We all enjoyed hearing his stories so much, especially about his love for our Grandmother Loretta. When I asked him to write his life story, I never thought he would be interested in following through with it. But when I asked, he gladly accepted. Telling his story gave him new purpose. He’d call me and ask when I’d be in town again so he could give me more pages he’d written.”

Since he passed away, she hasn’t known what to do with the pages and the pictures. She’s terrified they’ll be lost! After some brainstorming, we came up with a plan to turn this old file folder of keepsakes into a beautiful heirloom book to surprise her family! Can you imagine?!!

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