Happy Veterans Day! I am so grateful for the millions of men and women who have sacrificed so much for us! Thank you! I’m the proud granddaughter of two incredible WWII veterans. Both of my grandfathers served—one in Europe and one in the Pacific.

I was too young before they passed away to ask them questions about their military service. Ugh! It makes my heart hurt! My grandfather met my grandmother while he was on R&R in Australia. They fell in love and got married! Then she left everyone and everything behind and moved to the States! Can you imagine? I would give anything to talk to her about it today! Unfortunately, I can’t do that. But, I have talked with my family members to fill in as many details as possible. I’ve also committed my life to preserving other families’ stories so that nothing gets lost or forgotten from one generation to the next!

On that note…

I’ve been saving this book reveal for today! This is a goodie! (They all are! Lol!)

Introducing…WWII and U.S. Marine Corps Veteran Aloysius Heinstkill! Aloysius wrote his granddaughter more than 80 pages of letters documenting his childhood, his time in the Marines, his marriage to the love of his life, his career, his retirement, his pain over losing his wife and how he found joy after. She’s been keeping the loose notebook pages in a folder for years and finally decided to do something with them. This 253-page beautiful bespoke book was our solution to creating a family heirloom that will be passed down for generations to come!

Cheers to you, Al!!

And don’t forget the Memory Lane Jane Giveaway! Write the name of a loved one in the comments who has served in the military and I’m giving away an hour of interview and transcription! Enter before Saturday, November 14, at noon! I will draw the winner on Saturday afternoon. Let’s preserve these stories!

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