There are few things in this world as exciting to me as opening a client’s hot-off-the-press Heirloom Life Story bespoke book for the first time. I usually open the box for the first time by myself to make sure all is well and then have our team assemble a beautiful gift box. But this amazing woman and I became so close while preserving her life story over eighteen months, it just felt right to welcome our book baby into the world together! Watch our video here. It is BEAUTIFUL!!! ❤️❤️
The holidays are coming! There is no greater gift than preserving the life story of the people you love the most! 
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Just for visiting, we'd love to leave you with a gift, "Top 10 Questions to Ask a Parent or Grandparent." We've included many of our best-loved interview questions, the conversation that leave our friends saying, "I never thought to tell that story.

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