I am racking my brain and I honestly don’t think I have ever met anyone who is 100 years old…UNTIL TODAY!

My sweet Memory Lane Jane client Eugenia Meneley is celebrating her 100th birthday today! 100!!!! I had the opportunity to travel to California in 2019 to spend the week interviewing Jean, sorting through pictures, and getting to know her and her amazing family! She is spunky and full of life, and doesn’t look a day over 80!!

Jean’s children invited me to join a special Zoom celebration in honor of the big day! I had the privilege of meeting dozens of Jean’s family members and friends. We sang, laughed, cried, shared memories and asked Jean questions about her life. It was a life storyteller’s dream! I was so honored to be included.

Please give Jean some birthday love and check out this short video I made of her sharing about her life! 

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Celebrate the birthday of life story client Eugenia Meneley
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